Letting Go, Part 1

Friday, May 25th, 2012

I count myself as quite lucky in that I have loved my career. It hasn’t just been a job. Ask my husband and he will tell you, I do not complain when it is time to go to work. When people have asked me what I do for a living, it is with pride that I announce my title. I never ever imagined doing anything different. In fact, there have been times that I believed I did what I did to help support Jason and his ministry endeavors. Almost as if my calling in life was to support Jason’s calling! I wasn’t being honest with myself.

Over the last three years, I have started to feel like maybe there is something else for me. Something else that God wants me to do with my time. I remember sharing with the ladies that I meet with every other week and telling them one night that I felt that I wasn’t supposed to be a Physical Therapist anymore, but I didn’t know if I’d ever have the courage to actually give it up. You see, not only have I loved my job, its also been a huge part of my identity. Furthermore, there have been long periods of time where it has been my savior. My marriage not going well? Don’t worry, I have my career. Unexpected bills? Don’t worry, I have my career. My son sick and needing to go to minor emergency? Don’t worry, I have my career. Someone not treating me well? Don’t worry, I have my career.

So, what about you? Is there something you are counting on in this life more than God? Possibly your career? Or your husband? Or something else?

2 thoughts on “Letting Go, Part 1

  1. Michelle M.

    October 16, 2016  |  04:39 pm

    Wow I so identify with this writing. My parents were divorced before I even entered kindergarten and so i decided very early that I would always be able to support my self. I do take a a lot of pride in my carreer and I sometimes wonder at what price. My Discovery day was earlier this year. I never skipped a beat at work. He went to EMB, has a phone group and is very willing to do whatever it takes to repair the damage. And in the midst of all of this I am considering buying the business I work at. I’m going to ponder this identity thing today. Thank you.

    • Shelley Martinkus

      October 17, 2016  |  12:54 pm

      Michelle, Thank you for sharing! I can so relate to not skipping a beat at work! I’m glad it has you thinking. Please let me know how things transpire as you think this through. xoxo-Shelley

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