Giving It Up

Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Giving up my career has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  I have absolutely loved being a Physical Therapist.  A friend asked me yesterday what I’ve enjoyed specifically.  Off the cuff, I gave her two answers.  First, I have loved the break from my children and the adult interaction.  Second, I have loved helping others.  I never thought I would enjoy helping elderly people, but I have adored them. Their stories.  Their idiosyncrasies.  Looking into their eyes.  Seeing their courage.  Their zest to accomplish simple things like walking across a room.  Oh my, I could go on and on!

So, why give up my career?  First and foremost, God was very clear in calling me down a different career path.  More than once He beckoned to me.  There were also little moments that helped me have the courage to move on.  For instance, I recall late last fall, walking through an assisted living facility and feeling this heaviness in my heart that there was something more, something different for me.  As I looked at the frail men and women on their walkers or in their wheelchairs, I realized…they wouldn’t get a do over on this earth.  They now lived for the next meal, conversations with friends, and sleep.  They were left with their memories.  And it became even more clear:  I didn’t want to some day be in an assisted living facility and wonder.  What if I had listened to God?  What if I had listened to that soft pull in my heart?

So, what is it for you?  What do you feel like God is calling you to give up?  Something you have loved, possibly.  Could the thing you love and don’t want to let go of be what is keeping you from doing what HE wants you to do here on this earth?

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